Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Melting Away .... or Standing Still?

Don't know where the days are going.
Just moving terribly fast.
Or terribly slow, depending on what you're focused on.

I can't believe summer is gone and the new school year is well underway. Don't know how that happened so fast.

On the adoption front, things are moving terribly slow. It's getting to that painful part where I dread people asking how it's going, because, frankly, it's just s.l.o.w.

I don't know if trying to pull this off while being stationed overseas was the right thing. If Abby's adoption was complicated, being oceans away from your adoption agency only makes it thrice as much. And because we have TWO agencies involved, one placement agency and a different homestudy agency, nobody seems to know WHAT IN THE WORLD they're supposed to do.

So, I'm back to reminding myself that it is in His hands. Really, this was all His idea to begin with. So I know He'll figure it all out.

I just wish He would stop insisting that I need to grow in patience.