Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Milk, Thank You

Well, we spent a whole week waiting for a doctor's appointment. Lanie had been having a lot of tummy issues lately (she's really kind of had tummy issues her whole life, but they were getting significantly worse), so I wanted to check out what was going on. But of course I couldn't sit for a week and do NOTHING, so I started researching. Between that and the little tiny bit of nursing knowledge that remains in my brain after all these years being not so formally used, I came to the conclusion that the problem might be lactose.
So, I took her off all dairy (all "visible" milk, anyways) and she started feeling MUCH better.
Today was the much awaited doctor's appt.
And what did the doctor say???
Well, if she was having belly issues, and you took her off dairy, and she's feeling better, then, yeah, she probably IS lactose intorelant.
Wow!!!! We pay her for that?? And to think I interrupted a perfectly good homeschooling day to hear her say that!!!

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  1. LOL My friend! That is too funny! I guess there aren't as many cobwebs in your nursing brain as you thought that there were! But good gracious...no dairy....oh my. I'm not sure I'd survive. Is this something that can typically grow out of or will she have it forever?