Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Normal Life

Well, life's getting back to normal around here.

Yesterday, Lanie had four teeth pulled to prepare her for upcoming braces. She was a trooper, and after a little Tylenol #3 and a good long nap, was as good as new.

We're back into the swing of school, and have actually had one of the most productive weeks all year. We're all motivated to hurry up and get done before summer is here. Yes, even Abby has been cranking it out with no (OK, few) complaints. It is really helping that the weather is very springlike, making us all long for some serious outside time.

It is not 100% normal though, because both of our next door neighbors are still gone - which means 7 less kids on the block. Plus, no one that I can run to for a teaspoon of sugar or that much needed can of tomato sauce when I realize at the very last second that ooops, I don't have one. I really hope they come back soon, but they evacuated and then enrolled their kids in school in the States, so they might decide to stay until the school year lets out even though the evacuation order has now been lifted.

We also told the kids we're skipping the sports season so that we can focus on getting through school. Although we got some schoolwork done on the road, it definitely wasn't a full month's worth of school, still leaving us behind somewhat. The boys had both started track before we left, and as it turned out the whole track season was pretty much put on hold. They ended up only missing five practices. Now they're going to have a mini-season, with only something like two quick meets. So I don't feel they're missing much by sitting it out this year.

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