Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't want to get too excited.........

I just got a suspicious email from the travel agency that our adoption agency works with. They were sending some paperwork to help us prepare for travel and wanted to ask about our passport numbers, which I'd neglected to send to them. They have had my paperwork in hands for MONTHS, and I don't really know why they are sending this to me out of the blue right now.......UNLESS they know something I don't know. Our agency likes to book the Consulate Appointment before notifying their clients that TA is here, so I'm wondering if they contacted the travel agency to line up our travel.
I emailed my SW but haven't heard back anything.....
There's no way I'm sleeping tonight!!!!! Please pray that this is IT!!!!!! And pray for a few other families waiting along with me!


  1. Yes, there will be lots of praying tonight for those TAs to arrive by tomorrow!

    It is so hard not to get excited!!!!!

  2. Here comes Abby! I just know its TA time!

  3. I do hope this means TA for you and the other families who need their TA's to come through also!!!

  4. Hi, I just recently started stalking RQ because I am also waiting for TA for our daughter and I found your blog. Your post on how God eased your doubts the other day was so beautiful and I know that God wanted me to receive that message also and I did through you. So thank you for sharing. The other thing I notice and so appreciate, is that even though you are the furthest out not having received TA you are still supportive and never complain. That spirit is what made me curious to check out your blog. Praying you get your TA soon!