Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Saga Continues

The adoption saga, that is.

I don't know how they could possibly make the adoption process more difficult.

I guess by the time you actually get your child home you have if nothing else proven to yourself that you really did want to do this, because nobody would stick this out without 100% commitment.

I finally called USCIS, because they've had our paperwork since Dec. 23 and we had not heard from them. The next step should have been a fingerprint appointment, and I was really unsure about how that would work being overseas. Recently I found out that a family here at our base, who just adopted from China in December, had mailed in their fingerprint card along with their I800-A application without waiting for an appointment. Yet I figured that someone would certainly have told me that by now if it was that simple.

Tonight I made myself stay up 'til midnight so I could make the phone call (the fun part of being all the way out here is those business hour phone calls have to happen at crazy hours). The wonderful USCIS officer assigned to our case tells me that, no, we will get no appointment and can just go to the Military Police to get our fingerprints done and send them in.

Very glad to hear that, but I'm left to wonder when they were planning on notifying us of that. It's not like we didn't pay them big $$$$$ to have this paperwork processed.

I'm having flashbacks to two years ago. The only difference is that I now have a daily reminder that this can actually have a happy ending!

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  1. A Very happy ending!! Your sweet family is still in our prayers... and we miss you. {{{HUGS}}}