Thursday, June 7, 2012

Track Banquet

James had the end of season track banquet last night.  Very nice event at the O'Club.  James was awarded the trophy for most improved male athlete.  A couple of his friends sat with us and it was nice to get to know the kids he spends so much time with. 

With Coach P


  1. Love it! Congratulations to your kiddo! And btw, LOVE the hidden 30 something cake! Ha! Crackin me up!! When do you hear about the homestudy?????

  2. I seriously didn't do the cake thing on purpose. Maybe Jim would like to hide my age - he took the picture!

    The homestudy is at the Secretary of State. Once that and Jim's BC are back, I'll send them to NY Consulate and hope and pray they authenticate it. It's one of those things that, if it happens, you just KNOW it was completely GOD and nothing else!! (I think you're a little familiar with that type of thing, huh??