Friday, November 13, 2009

More Gift Ideas

Christmas is moving closer faster and faster. Since I am still hoping to be in China for two weeks between here and then, I'm trying to get my shopping going early. Of course, I don't want to buy too much before Black Friday, because then what excuse would I have for being gone for the entire day - plus I don't want to miss out on snaggin' some good deals. I still think it's smart to at least plan ahead. Here's some of what I have in mind. (Just click on the pictures to see the item on Amazon).

For the boys (ages 10 - up):

Let me start by saying that we are a HUGE game family. We have more board games than I care to admit, and until recently thought we had probably played everyone worth playing ever created. And then, our wonderful neighbors introduced us to both of these games. We already have the original versions of each of these, so we'd be adding on to them with follow up editions that you actually add to the original game and it turns it into a very different game - sort of like spicing up an old favorite. If your family enjoys board games, especially strategy ones, you MUST look into these. WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE STUFF!!!!!! And although I listed these under stuff for the boys, DD actually plays with us all the time. I just think she kind of plays along just to feel included, but the boys are the ones passionate about actually playing this (and maybe mom, just a little bit).

Settlers of Catan

We actually already have the original one above, so we'll be adding to it by gifting the boys (wink, wink) with this expansion set:

If you don't own any of these games yet, you have to start out with the Settlers of Catan first, and then build from there if you choose. The Settlers game stands on its own, but it is just fun to add to it and change things up a bit.

Here is the second game our kind neighbors introduced us to:

Yes, it's called Killer Bunnies. I know how violent that sounds!!!! But I promise, it is non-violent, non-threatening, and not at all gruesome. It's actually great family fun!!!! I'm so glad to finally have moved on from Hungry Hungry Hippos and Hi-Ho Cherry-O (Of course, with a one year old in the house, I guess I'll be playing all that again pretty soon - although that's what older siblings are for, isn't it?). It's just great to be playing games with my kids that I would actually even play WITHOUT them. The box says ages 12 and up, but my 8 year old plays it just fine. And, as seems to be the theme in our game-life this year, you can add to this one too. So although we have the "original" Killer Bunnies, we plan to add:

Again, you need to start with the blue box, and then if you wish you can add one of the booster decks.

Boys or Adult (such as myself)

New Casting Crowns CD - Comes out Nov. 17 (oh my - that's almost TODAY)

And I have to admit, I would absolutely LOVE one of these, but I'm not officially asking for one (it's just too expensive to ask for it for myself - maybe on my birthday when we are not also spending on everyone else).

I'm sure I'll add more later as I think of them, but frankly this post is taking way too long away from my shopping time!!!

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  1. GREAT ideas!! We are a big game family... I'm seriously thinking about getting one or BOTH of your game ideas!
    Thanks so much for linking up :)