Saturday, August 18, 2012

How Do They Do It?

I am spoiled rotten.


I have forgotten what real parenting of young children is like.

When people find out how many kids I have, and then on top of that they find out I homeschool, I usually get the same question, along with the bewildered look:


Well, I learned a little something about myself this past week.

Both of my big boys (the only two children at my home old enough to babysit, at least according to Air Force standards) were gone to running camp. 

The girls are able to stay home on their own, but they are not "of age" yet to babysit their sibling.

Which left me 3 1/2 days where I had to take the 4 year old with me.  Everywhere I went.  EVERYWHERE!!!!

And then I thought "How do they do it?"  How do moms of little kids with no older siblings to help do it.  When they have to take them everywhere all day long.

Obviously I did this before - in some former life apparently. 

Luckily, I never will have to do it again.  I now have enough children in my home that there will always be one or two babysitters available.  As of February, I will have THREE of them at the house.

Hey, you have to do what you can when you live oceans away from grandmas and aunties.

You gotta count on those teenagers!!!


  1. This Grandma would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to babysit your chldren just one more day.... :0)

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