Monday, August 6, 2012


So, I'm doing a lousy job at taking pictures this week, but still had to share.....

On Saturday, I saw my oldest boy off on his eight day trip with Show Hope, to spend that time serving at Maria's Big House of Hope with their Student Global Training Program.  He had to fly out by himself and that was really the scariest part of it all for me.  I am so, so proud of him (and admittedly, pretty jealous too).  That at 15 almost 16 years old he is CHOOSING to spend his time in service is pretty awesome! I just wish I was at Maria's Big House loving on those babies right now.  I wouldn't even mind the painting and yard work that's involved too.

Then today, Abby and Lanie both tried out for Missoula Theatre's production of Betty Lou and the Beast.  They both got parts and are SOOOOOOO excited.  Lanie is a young daughter and Abby is part of the "country folks".  Most of the kids in the neighborhood are going to be in the play so it should be a very fun week for all of them getting ready together.  It was Abby's first time trying out and she did so well!! 

And now, Jacob, Lanie, and Abby all went to the track where Jacob is trying to train the girls in running.  Jacob and Lanie will both be running for the middle school's cross country team this year, and Abby is kind of wanting to get into running too.

Tonight I get to go to dinner with my hubby to a "secret location" to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary.

To top it all off, we are one document away from completing our dossier!!


  1. Yay!! That trip sounds incredible for him!! We spent two weeks ago doing Betty Lou too! Justin was Dusty Bottoms and Jack wanted to be behind the scenes so he was an assistant director. The little kids tried out but didn't make it. She came around at one point during auditions while everyone had to sing Row, Row, Row your boat....and they didn't have a clue what that song was! Ha! So much lost to them. So between their still pretty heavy accents and not knowing how to sing it didn't go that well. They still had fun though and were pretty much oblivious to the fact that they didn't get a part. I kinda sold it to them as a one morning activity(the auditions) and then they were done!

  2. PS Don't make me come over there and have a talk about those darn word verifications on your blog!!! :) Turn em off! Turn em off! Waaaaayyyy off! Sorry...that was a throwback to my short lived cheerleading days in high school.