Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Almost that Time Again

I've been tempted to close down the blog because, frankly, time is very limited around here and I never ever seem to have the chance to update anymore.  I've kept it here because I knew pretty soon I would have another exciting journey to journal and I wanted to have that and Abby's story all in one place.

And the time has come to get my updates going again.

We are getting close.  Very, very close.

I expect to have our Travel Approval from China in about one week.

Which means sometime in mid to late January, I will finally get to hold Evie in my arms and officially call her "my girl". 

It has been a LONG road.  We first found Evie exactly two years ago, and scrambled to get paperwork together to be able to reuse our dossier to bring her home.  That, clearly, did not happen. 

What did happen was God made it clear this was His path for us to follow - to pursue this little girl's adoption.  Whether we knew the end result or not.  And let me tell you, most of the time I did not think we would ever get to finalize.  Yet He kept whispering - one more step, just one more.

And now here we are.  And without further ado.......

Genevieve Grace (Evie)


  1. How sweet! Congratulations! I love following families to China on their blogs. :-)

  2. Oh how exciting! She's precious. Looking forward to seeing her join her new family. Thanks for sticking with it, too. Every time I think the blogging just isn't worth it, something or someone comes along and convinces me otherwise. Excited to see all God will do in and through you guys on this next journey!