Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So Proud of My Man

So this is what we came home to last Friday. Our plane landed at around 11:40 on Thursday night. By the time we made it to the house, it was a little past 1 AM. The next afternoon it was time for my hubby's big promotion ceremony. Mind you, this was not planned around our schedule because that's not the way it works - besides the fact that we had such short notice for travel. God orchestrated it so that we could all be back on time. Also, did I mention we had horrid weather on Friday and countless flight cancellations. Our plane literally landed in the nick of time - a few hours later and we might not have been able to make it after all!!!! I was so glad to have been here for his big day! It's been 13 years in the making, and trust me, I've been there every step of the way and it hasn't all been fun and games!

I love that Abby got to be a part of pinning on her Daddy's new rank!!


  1. beautiful pictures...

    God cares about the details of our lives. Please tell your husband thank you for serving his country!

  2. Congrats! So glad everything worked out! The Lord's timing is perfect! She is beautiful!