Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Blowout

We had a very laid back New Year's Eve.  I told everyone they had to dress up, and, well, SOME of them KIND of dressed up.  At least the girls got out of their PJs.    I also made a rule:  NO SCREENS past 8 pm.  And almost everyone made it up 'til midnight.

 You have to have the great big platter of sliced meats and crackers!

 We did some hanging out with our screens before 8 pm

 Then the bulk of the food came out - potato skins, taquitos, mozarella sticks and gyoza.  All frozen junk food that I didn't have to make!

 I made Abby pose for this.  She got this Barbie movie for Christmas and I think it was her favorite gift.  She has watched it several times a day this week.  She knows all the songs in it already.  And she's asking for another for her birthday coming up in February.

 After the screens went off, the board games came out.  And the goofiness, apparently.  He's 14.  You understand, right?

 Josiah asked to play PayDay.  He didn't it make it past the first month!

 They were all good sports and filled out the 'Year in Review' sheet I printed out.  They actually all gave me real answers, too.

This was Josiah at 9:45.  I let him stay there for about one hour and then carried him off to bed.

Happy 2013!!!!!

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