Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

We rejoice today because we remember that He rose again - a promise fulfilled!! And we can enjoy eternal life with Him! What a joy to be able to live every day knowing that.
We've been explaining Easter to Abby for the last few days, and she gets the "gist" of it. She knows that Jesus died on the cross three days prior, and that He rose again on Easter day. I'm sure she can't understand the significance of that. Sadly, she probably knows more in knowing those facts than most people out there.

I'm sure she's wondering what all this has to do with a big fluffy bunny bringing you basketfuls of treats. But she asked no questions, just rolled with it.....

I love this next set of pictures, because it was Abby's very first time in a bathing suit!!! She's been getting to experience a lot of "firsts" lately, and it always breaks my heart that she had to wait so many years to do so many things that our bio kids take completely for granted. I love sharing in the joy of her new experiences.

In the hustle and bustle of getting ready for church this morning, I missed taking any pictures of everyone all dressed up. And once we got home, they all scurried out of those nice outfits as quickly as humanly possible.

Which just means I'll have to make them get back into it all tomorrow................

UPDATE ON MY DAD: Thank you for all of your prayers. Dad went home from the hospital yesterday afternoon, although he never did end up having surgery. They decided he is stable enough for now and want to do some more tests to see what is behind his recurring problems. So he gets to look forward to a colonoscopy in the next week or two. I'm sure there's nothing he'd rather be doing : )

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  1. Muny, I told you this before, but seriously you have enough material to write a book, you have the ability for words and tell stories. =)
    love the pictures!