Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Please Pray

My dear dad has been hospitalized due to apparent complications from the appendicitis he suffered a few months back. At the time, the doctor decided to forgo surgery because his appendix had already burst by the time he got into the hospital, and follow up tests showed that everything had "cleaned itself up." Apparently, that was not really the case, as he started having pain in the same area last week and now has peritonitis. They'll decide what the next step is in the coming hours.


  1. Got your dad covered in prayer!!!

  2. Father God, we ask that you cover this family with your comfort and love. Lord that they may feel You in this situation in every way. That they will rest in your peace and in the knowledge that You have gone before them in this. Thank you for your faithfulness to hear our prayer in Jesus precious name we ask it, Amen.