Friday, September 3, 2010

Great First Week

We had a GREAT first week of school. Everything went better than planned, and everyone seems to be enjoying what they're learning about this year. And the last few months have been a time of growing and maturing for our little man - and the school day is a world of difference with him around now. He actually entertains HIMSELF for most of the morning, happy to be near us and color, or play with his bucket loads of toys - but not interrupting or demanding my attention. Last year we all took a "shift" to play with him so that the rest of us could continue to work uninterrupted, but I don't think that will be called for this year!!!!! HOORAY!

Most of what Abby is doing this year is on the computer (which she REALLY enjoys), but she's also tagging along with us when we do some of our geography, science, and read alouds, and I'm blown away by how much she's getting out of it. She actually begs to do mapping first thing in the morning.

And speaking of Abby...... This whole older child adoption thing has been quite a roller coaster for all involved, from the DECISION to accept an older child referral to the daily issues we're still facing now, more than 7 months down the road. But there are moments when I am clearly reminded of the real purpose in this journey - and we had one of those this afternoon. Abby was humming some songs, and then started singing "Jesus Loves Me". She turned to me and said: "Mom, that is my VERY FAVORITE song!!!!!!". That coupled with the many times she's turned to me and said "In China, they never talk about Jesus. They don't know about Jesus in China" make me want to hop on a plane and adopt about 100 more kids.

Not to be left behind, the lil' man has to melt my heart with his charm on a daily basis. This morning, he came into by bed and crawled on top of me, gave me a HUGE kiss, and said "You know what?? I missed you!!!" What a perfect way to start my day!

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  1. Grandma reads your blog with "laughter and tears"!!