Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bye-Bye Diapers Day 5

Cy has been ready to potty train for a long time now.

He's known what to do, and talked about it, for a while.

We have even gotten started down that road a time or two, but then life has happened.

School started and I got too busy to constantly take him potty.

I went to spend two weeks in China.

Then we were a bit busy getting his new sister settled in

We moved overseas.

So finally, I decided we just need to get this done. Life will never stop. And as long as I keep slapping a diaper on him, he'll be more than happy to use it.

This week, I told him: "No more". We officially said "bye bye" to diapers. Yeah, cold turkey. It's been quite the ride.

He has done a lot better than even I expected.

Yesterday, he stayed dry (and clean) ALL day until 6 pm. And I guess at that point he was getting a little tired to care. 'Cause he just quit for the ENTIRE rest of the day.

I'm hoping we can make it through the WHOLE day today.

And I feel a party comin' on soon.

'Cause unless I see a burning bush, I think we're about done with diapers around here. At least 'til grandkids start comin' over.

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  1. Adopting, moving overseas, school, sheesh! Busy much?! Did you just give up sleeping to make this all work?! You go girl and yayyyyyy Cy!!! Congratulations big boy!!