Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Daily Bread

In spite of the busyness around here , or maybe because of the busyness, the time just seems to be flying right by. And my babies are growing up WAY too fast. So, I'm trying to hang on to those sweet little things that soon fade to just memories, as my youngest little man turns into a BIG boy. Sadly, scrapbooking time has become almost nonexistent, and although I still truly enjoy creating albums I seem to sit down and do it less and less. So I better keep track of some of these little things here, so I'll have a record of it somewhere. Amidst the craziness, these are the things that help to keep me going when the batteries are running on low - my daily bread. I think there's not one place where you can see Jesus' love more purely than in the love of a child.

A few weeks ago, Cy came up to me out of the blue and said "Mom, you're so pretty. You're a flower." He said this completely on his own! I almost started bawling right then.

Now we play a little game. I'll say "Cy, can you say something nice to me?"

And he'll say "Flower?????"

I reply "Yeah"

He gets this giant grin and says "Mom, you're a flower!!!!!" and then gives me a great big hug!!!

It just doesn't get much better than that!!!!

And on another note, for those of you adopting older children. I have to tell you that my little Abby just grows sweeter every day. In the last several weeks, she has completely let go of any apprehension, any guarding, any fears that she has had. She has finally allowed us to truly start to see her personality, and I think she is finally trusting that she is here to stay - no matter what. Now, she will have been with us one year in January. And we did make a major overseas move about five months after she arrived, which I'm sure was dirsuptive to her on some levels. All in all, her transition into our family was a smooth one, and we did not experience many of the extreme behaviors I've read about other families going through. But, it is not until now that I can truly say it feels like we have molded as a family and I can see that she feels like she belongs. I have to tell you, it is a complete joy. It makes me so relieved for her to know that her little heart feels secure.

Every time I walk past the girls' room and hear the giggling in there, when I see them come downstairs in their matching shirts, or help each other do their nails, my cup overflows!!! Have we had difficulties along the way???? Absolutely!! Was stepping out in faith and opening up our hearts and homes to an older child worth it???? 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!

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