Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Ten Memories of 2010

OK, when I saw Tonggu Momma made a list of "Top 10 Christmas Memories of 2010" I thought I would definitely be stealing that idea. But considering it's almost New Year's I decided I'd make a "Top 10 of 2010" instead. I've asked everyone for input, so this list reflects what our memories are as a family unit (not just MY point of view, as usual). And they are in no particular order (OK - except #1 really is #1!!!!).

1. Abby became a part of our family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Moving to Japan

3. Climbing Mt. Fuji (well, at least for THREE of us this is one of the top 10 memories).

4. Taking Abby and Josiah on their first trip to Disney.

5. Sanibel Island with DH's family.

6. Road trip to TX to see family. Mom having to drive all 5 kids by herself for a ridiculous number of hours at a time. And everything this trip included - visiting with old friends and family. Strangely, this is the ONLY picture from this trip that I could find on my computer today. I'm sure they're all in there somewhere - I would've liked to include a group picture, but it'll have to wait because my eyes hurt from looking. Plus, I like this shot of Lanie with Uncle Juan anyways.

7. Abby's first Christmas.

8.Three day getaway to Tokyo.

9. Jim's big promotion!!!

10. Climbing the Great Wall of China (OK, at least for two of us). The memory of how sick we were that day has pretty much faded and all we can remember is the awe inspiring views, and just the magnitude of such an incredibly impressive man made structure. And I'll always be grateful for well placed friends armed with anti-nausea medication who prevented my memory of the Great Wall from being something much more horrific!

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