Saturday, December 25, 2010

Not White Christmas

I'm very happy to report we didn't have a white Christmas. I think white Christmases are overrated. It got cold enough to wear jackets out, and that's cold enough for me.

I'm quite exhausted right now after all the festivities, but wanted to at least share some pictures. Abby had a fantastic first Christmas - she enjoyed every bit of it. From the singing carols at church, to "Christmas Eve pj's", sleeping over in her brothers' room, dragging mom and dad out of bed, etc... And she loved that we got to have deep fried turkey again.

Josiah really got a kick out of getting a birthday cake for Jesus. I think that might have been his favorite part of the whole weekend. We even let him blow out the candle, which as someone pointed out, will just serve to confuse us years from now when I get around to scrapbook these pictures. We'll be asking if it was his birthday, or what.

So, although I actually have about 200 pictures, here's just a few of our favorites.


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