Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunday Brunch

I have been wanting to link up to Stefanie's "Sunday Snapshot" for, well, quite a while now. But with the dwindling time and energy I've had for blogging lately, it just seemed to never happen. This week, I figured it was time. I really do want to stay on top of all these "everyday" happenings and record them in some way, before they're all just long lost memories!

A favorite family tradition since we moved to Japan has been Sunday brunch at the Club. We would probably NEVER go to brunch, considering there are 7 of us and it is NOT a cheap meal. We went once when we first moved here and promptly decided that, although it was definitely a scrumptious treat, we would most likely not be going as a family again. Date? SURE. Family affair? Not so much.

And then we discovered the BRUNCH COUPON.

Everything changed.

Once a month, club members get a coupon for the ENTIRE family to enjoy brunch for $45. It was over twice that much for our group if we were paying full price. And, they don't put a limit to how many are in that entire family, so you know, if Sonia or Stefanie happened to get stationed here, they could love the coupon a whole lot more than I do!

So, guess how often we go to brunch these days? Yep, once a month! Everybody loves it!! My favorite part? Hard to decide between the made - to - order omelets, pasta bar, fresh fruits, or the incredible desserts. But probably, my favorite part really is that I don't have to cook AT ALL on brunch Sundays. Because once we walk out of there, no one is eating anything else. For the entire day.

Guess who the best eater of the bunch is? Yes, she probably eats more than Daddy at the brunch. I just don't know where she puts it all!

And what better way to work off a meal like that than an exciting game of Killer Bunnies?

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