Monday, December 21, 2009

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Praising God today, for holding me up during this seemingly endless wait!!

By lunchtime today, we just couldn't take it. We tried to call our SW again but were just getting voicemail, not even a real life receptionist to answer. My DH was going to email the main office, but then decided that he might as well try to call. I had called them only once before, a few months back, and they hadn't taken my call. They had then reprimanded my SW for it, letting her and us know that we should be going through her to get questions answered. Which I honored until now, because frankly I got pretty tired of being ignored. We just wanted a straight "Yes, TA is here", or "No, sorry". If it was the latter, we were going to push for more answers as to why it had taken so long.

Well, suprise #1 - they actually took his call. Not so surprising, I guess, was the answer that YES, TA is FINALLY here!! They did get it on Thursday, when I had gotten that "mysterious" email from the travel agency. We still don't have dates, because they're still trying to schedule or CA (Consulate Appointment). They're hoping for arrival in Beijing on Jan. 14, which would be PERFECT. That would put me still at home for my little man's second birthday, and BACK in time for my DH's big promotion ceremony!!

Thank you for all your prayers, and for listening to my roller coaster emotions the last few days!! Now let's pray for that CA!!!

God is GOOD!!!


  1. congratulations! You have waited a long time from LOA! I'm dying to know if we're with the same agency...I just got the same suspicious email from our travel agency! God is GOOD!

  2. YAHOO!!!
    Oh to just have a date is wonderful. Now you guys can enjoy Christmas and get all the hloiday stuff behind you then focus on travel.

  3. Oh my goodness! I am so excited for you. What a wonderful Christmas blessing.

    You know that I am continuing to pray for you during these next weeks and during your months of transition. I am so very, very happy that this is finally all happening.

  4. PTL!!! I am soooo stinking excited for you! This is the best news I've heard in awhile. I can't wait to follow your journey while your in China!