Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where Did My Day Go?

So, the first day with nothing to unpack went a little something like this:

Drop off Child A at soccer camp. Get very excited because next door neighbor is there with her daughter and we agree to carpool.

Run three errands with little man in tow.

Pick up Child A and neighbor from soccer camp. Get even more excited because neighbor mentions her older sister is doing soccer camp that afternoon - HEY, so is MY son. Arrange more carpooling as soon as we get home.

Make lunch for the masses. Also start on dinner because I won't have time to make it closer to dinner.

Celebrate that I don't have to drive back to the soccer field just yet as I send Child B out the door.

Put little man down for a nap and spend the next two hours prepping for school - which is coming oh - so - soon!!!

Drag little man UP from his nap so that we can drive Child C to cross country practice and pick up Child B and neighbor from soccer camp.

Drop those two off at home, get Child A ready for hula dancing, and book it back out the door.

Arrive at hula dancing and dig the cell phone out of the trunk where I've forgotten it all day, because Child C is about due to call me to pick him up from cross country. Realize my cell phone's battery is dead.

Leave Child A at hula dance and swing by the high school to see if Child C is done. He IS done, and has been calling me for the last 20 minutes. : ( ooops.

Drop Child C off at home drive Child B to soccer practice. No, not the same as soccer camp. This is the actual practice for his youth league soccer team.

Pick up Child A from hula and take her home.

Finally make it home, and ask hubby to pretty please pick up Child B from soccer practice.

Eat dinner, then head out to the gym.

Fall into bed exhausted, only to find I can't sleep because I worked out too stinkin' late.

So, is YOUR head spinning too???
I can't wait 'til school starts, so we can stay HOME for a change.

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  1. I'm pooped just reading this!!!