Sunday, August 22, 2010


I love looking through our pictures of the last seven months and seeing the changes that have taken place right before our eyes. I love that Abby's frame and face have filled out some, evidence of the better nutrition and in general healthier life she has now. But most importantly, I love seeing the change in her eyes. Do you see it too?????

This is Abby on her first day home with us:

This is Abby this week:

By the way, don't you love the outfit??? I know I posted pics before of her in this Snow White outfit, but we have now added the Super-Girl cape to the get-up. She wears this around the house about 90% of the time. But what I love is the light in her eyes - evidence of LOVE.


  1. That light in her eyes is more like a spot light!! Gracious you are not kidding! It's as though everything within her has come to life. That change is remarkable, praise the Lord!!

  2. Praise God for the work of His hands!!!I also see this light in all of your children's eyes!!

  3. so sweet! JOY is written all over her beautiful face. :)

  4. Yes, I can most definitely see a happy, well-loved little girl!!!

    I have always loved her there is so much more showing through!!!

    And, wow...her hair has really grown as well!!!