Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crazy Week

It's been a BUSY week.
All our stuff is finally here.
Now I have to get it all out of the boxes and placed somewhere that makes sense.
No easy task when I still have to feed everyone three somewhat sensible meals a day and provided them with clean clothes to wear.
I just hope we can get it all done before school starts.
We did take a break today to check out a local festival.
More on that tomorrow, along with some pics.
And get ready to be grossed out by what my hubby and (some) of my kids had for lunch.
If you didn't already see it on FB.
Our neighbors went to the festival with us, and the mom asked at some point how long Abby had been with us. She was totally shocked when I said six months. She said that not only language wise, but just in the way we interact, she thought she had been with our family for years. It's great to hear that we "look" like family, even to outsiders. Because we certainly FEEL like Abby's been here forever. And it's always great to hear how impressed everyone is with her English.
The girls are very excited because our neighbors on either side have a pile of kids, and each family includes one eleven year old girl. The ones on the right also have a seven year old girl. Both families just moved in, so they should be here the entire time that WE are - so no fear of having to say goodbye to your friends a year into knowing each other. They all hit the playground together this afternoon - but Abby wound up playing more with the five year old boy than with any of the girls. She is just still really catching up in the social aspect, and really plays a lot "younger" than her age.
OK - pics tomorrow, after I get tired of unpacking : )


  1. Have fun unpacking!!! It sounds like the kids are going to make lots of great friends. Can't wait for the pictures.

  2. It is hard to believe that our girls have only been home for six months!!

    I, too, just had some comment today about how well Avery is doing overall...language, transition into our family....etc.

    I hope all goes smoothly as you are unpacking and getting everyone settled in!