Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maybe I've Lost My Mind

Most people look at me like I've lost my mind, anyways.
They do that most of the time, like when they know I have 5 children.
And ESPECIALLY when they find out I homeschool them!
Or when they find out I ADOPTED one - when she was 9 years old, to top it all off.
But when I REALLY get that look, is when I tell them I'm actually enjoying having a teenager and a toddler at the same time.
What I don't think they get is........
what makes that particular combination so nice is that one is old enough to babysit the other one.
And that fact has changed my life in incredible ways!!!!

Now, before you get the wrong idea, I don't leave James babysitting very much at all. I only do it when I absolutely can't take Josiah with me - like this week when I had a certain yearly appt. with the GYN. I'm very sure Josiah would rather be at home for that...........

And I do admit I've been visiting the O'Club on a very regular basis with my hubby - but that's directly behind my house. Literally, if the kids shout loud enough I could hear them from there.

But on all these occassions, little man has put up quite a little show when it's time for me to leave. Sounds like an ambulance siren is going off in my living room. James says he stops immediately when I leave, and I've confirmed that by standing outside the door for a minute. He just feels he must make me feel bad about leaving, I guess. Just in case.

Tonight, however, was a bit different. I am pleased to annouce that DH and I went to a movie - yes - at the movie theater. Without kids. And quite frankly, I can NOT remember the last time we did that. Most likely over a decade.

And guess what????? When it came time to leave, Josiah happily waved good-bye from the front door. NO TEARS!!!! And only ONE request for : "One kiss, really quick, mama".

So proud of the little man. And yet sad at the same time...........

After so many years of having SOMEONE totally heartbroken everytime I left, it feels very odd to have everybody in this house be pretty comfortable that I'm not around. I'm glad he feels safe with his big brother......

But still..... I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry : )


  1. So happy to hear you and your DH are at a wonderful place in your lives for "reconnecting", in a sense. Sometimes there is laughter with the tears...

  2. You go girl! Not only is good for the youngest, but it's also good for the oldest! Everyone gets to embrace the sense of independence and responsibility which is key unless we want a 35 year old still living with us and sleeping on our couch. LOL We too have been in the same uncharted waters of letting go ever so slightly, it's tough but so necessary and can be incredible for a marriage! And how great to have the club right in your backyard!! Love that!