Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Boy

My baby turned 3 this past Sunday. Boo-Hoo!!!!!! I am so sad happy to see him getting so big!! OK, I'll admit this is bittersweet for me. All it takes is one look at my big boys (the oldest of those now being taller than me, by the way) to remind me how crazy fast the time goes by. I'm going to miss his baby ways.

On Monday, we were leaving the commissary and the lady pushing out our groceries started making conversation with him, and dared to call him "baby". He quickly turned around and said: "I am NOT a baby. I am a boy." Luckily, this smart lady must have had a bit of experience with toddlers, because she did not snicker or even break a grin. If there is one thing that drives him crazy is when people laught at what he says. Instead, she apologized and then asked how old he was. He was SO excited to get to hold up three little fingers and announce "I'm THREE".

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