Thursday, January 6, 2011

Excuse Me???????

I just about died today......

Now I have to say that schooling Abby has not been an easy feat. The girl is extremely smart, but also has been very, well, unmotivated. Which is to be expected considering she was never challenged academically before she got here. So, to her chagrin, she got a nutso mom who is a little too motivated when it comes to teaching her kids. So, I've really cut her no slack and have pushed - err, I mean, encouraged her, to do her best. But it can be exhausting work. And there's times I want to just have a good day with no confrontations and just let her get away with doing next to nothing. Luckily for her, I 've had six previous years of experience and don't easily succumb to those temptations.

We've come a very long way......
She knows tears don't get her out of school, she knows I know how much she can do, and she frankly has turned a big corner and has stopped fighting me on it. She still freaks out when I ask her questions, like she thinks I'm trying to trick her into being wrong or something, but we're working on that....

And yet I was not ready for today. I mentioned recently that Abby does most of her work on the computer. She is doing the third grade program from Alph* and Omeg*'s Switched* on Schoolhouse*. In China, she would now be in fourth grade, as she would be here based on her age. Lanie is in fourth grade now, and she is a few months younger than Abby. The third grade program has been just right for her, though, considering she is still learning English.

Well, today Abby came to me and said: "Mom, I wanted to ask you if I could do fourth grade over the summer. I want to do it but I don't know if you will let me."

I just about fell off my seat. Actually asking to school over summer break??????? Are you kidding me? She then told me she is anxious to catch up to Lanie and the rest of their friends. Peer pressure at its best!!!!!!!!!!!

I explained she'll catch up eventually, and the only reason she is behind at all is the language. Luckily, she seemed pleased with that - for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well check her out! That's fantastic!! You go momma!!

  2. Wow! What a change in attitude! And good for you for not giving in!

  3. That's a great story. I actually have had similar things happen with my of them told me at the beginning of the year he hated English homework because he didn't know it...I told him how much smarter he'd be when could speak TWO languages few students in the school could do that...immediately got him thinking. A short 3-4 months later his attitude has completely he told me he LOVES learning English!