Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guess what I went and did??

OK, I have a confession to make. I've been trying very hard to hold off and not buy any clothing for Abby, considering that 1) I don't have recent measurements so I don't really have a clue what size she's in and 2) I expect that she's a bit smaller than Lanie is, so she'll have a ton to wear.

That being said, Gymboree (yes, them again) just came out with a Holiday Panda line that's been driving me crazy. So today I took the plunge. I bought this:

Dress, tights, and hair clips. I did it only because I had a 20% off coupon. And I'm keeping the tags on just in case it doesn't fit. But I hadn't bought her a single piece of clothing and I just couldn't stand it!! I settled on a size 6, so I hope I guessed OK. I think this will keep me satisfied for now!

And then, just some random cuteness I just had to throw in:

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  1. Love the outfit!

    You can't go wrong with dresses and tights or leggings. I brought a couple pair of shorts and a pair of jeans when we traveled, and the shorts (size six and five) fell right off! Cheeky was 46 inches and 38 lbs when we met. She's now 47 inches and 42 lbs. Size five pants work, but are too short, so we get size six slim. I buy six dresses and size small for leggings.

    I love shopping for the girls!