Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Less than Two Months........

Yes, less than two months until Christmas!! And since we're pretty much stuck in the house this week with a sick little one, I've decided it's about time I started Christmas shopping. And I'm having a blast!! I completely fell in love with THESE ADORABLE FRIENDS and ordered one for every kid in the family (extended family too). I was about to order them from Target and then found out they were considerably cheaper on Amazon. And, about a minute after I hit that "order" button I went back to check something about the little cow friend, and the price had already gone up $8. So, if you want some for some of your loved ones, I'd say order PRONTO!!

Something else I ordered this week for my boys that I'm super excited about is THIS

They are totally into movie making and have actually gotten pretty good with their very limited equipment. James was even saying the other day that he could see himself pursuing a career somehow related to editing or movie making. So when I saw the above kit in the current Timberdoodle catalog, I knew I had to order. Usually, I ponder this type of decision forever and then end up placing a last minute order and paying twice the shipping, if I can even get it at by that point, so I'm pretty proud of myself for actually ordering now. Plus, it really looks like half of my usual shopping season will be spent in China this year, so I want to be prepared.

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  1. Those are some great links! And good for you, getting things ordered early this year! Like you, I wait too long to decide and then I end up making rash decisions!
    We were on almost an identical timeline until we had to finish our homestudy update :( Hope you're able to travel before the end of the year!!
    P.S. I was able to fix your link :)