Friday, February 5, 2010

First Day of Class

Today was our first day back at our homeschool co-op, Abby's first time getting to go. I signed her up for the first grade classroom, because that's the last grade that has non-rotating classes an I thought that would be easier. I also signed myself up to be a helper there the entire time, so I'm with her while she adjusts. I'm actually off during first period, so we're using that time to sit at the library together and work one on one on school stuff..

Abby LOVED co-op. She got along well with the other kids, and really liked getting to take turns at the different "stations". First grade will be the perfect place for her for now, because they're working on all the phonics that she's going to be needing to work on. And actually, size wise she fits right in to this classroom, which helps her feel less out of place.

I am very grateful to the first grade teacher and all the kids, who so graciously welcomed Abby into their class. Actually, it went beyond that to the entire co-op. Every hallway we walked down we were stopped every few feet by people wanting to greet her and welcome her to co-op and to the U.S. It made me so grateful to have this "extended family" in my life right now. And Abby was eating up all the attention and the way people called her beautiful......

So, the day was a huge success. Well, maybe. With the teeny-tiny exception of the puking on the way there. Learning to ride a car around these windy back roads has not been easy for Abby..... I hope she can hold her dinner on the way to basketball tonight........

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  1. so good to read of her good adjustments. sounds like you have a great set up there with the co-op.

    maybe you need a brown bag in your van like they do on the airplanes. :)