Thursday, February 18, 2010


That is all I could say after breakfast this morning. Because once again, my new best friend Pioneer Woman left me speechless. Jake had done extra school work yesterday to get ahead on today - just because that's who he is. So he had a VERY short day of school ahead of him. I took advantage of that fact and enlisted his help in making an extra special weekday breakfast. You know, a little bit more than the usual dry cereal. Because I figured if I had help, that was the time to go the extra mile.
We made Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. To satisfy our cinnamon roll addiciton. Thing is, these were almost as good as my cinnamon rolls. I just didn't have to start making them the night before. Please, click HERE and make your family a batch. They will love you so much they might even volunteer to do the dishes.

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  1. Those sounds delicious!!! I am going to try them!!!! Yum!