Monday, February 15, 2010

For the Record

I just wanted to clarify something. I posted recently about Abby's fears when riding in the car. Well, I misunderstood her possible fears. Abby has certainly been told (by the orphanage staff, by our guides and translators in China, as well as by us here) that she is here FOREVER. She is not afraid because she hasn't been told this. I think being told and believing it are two completely different things. For an adopted child, whose entire world has just been turned upside down (even if for the better) establishing TRUST takes time. Abby is doing just fine now, by the way. The idea has sunk in that we WILL in fact come back here. After all, we pretty much live in the car, so I knew it wouldn't take long. But I just wanted it for the record that it is not always about TELLING them, but about giving the TIME to develop that trust.

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