Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It's been interesting around here this week. Abby is doing great adjusting to her new surroundings. She plays very well with every one of the kids, even Cy.

On Monday morning we hit the first real difficulty of the adjustment process. We had our appointment with the pediatrician, and so we packed into the car: Mama, Daddy, Cy and Abby. Well, it was our first car trip out of the house, and poor lil' Abby must've been so uncertain of what was going on and where we were going! This was also the first time I was frustrated with being unable to clearly communicate with her. She was a mess on the way there, not screaming but quietly crying in the backseat. Once we got there and she realized what was happening, she calmed down, and eventually became her usual peppy self.

Next day it was time for the dentist, and this time she rode with Daddy and Jacob. Well, she did better, but the fear was still there. Jacob had brought some toys and books to help keep her entertained on the ride, but she wanted nothing to do with any of it. She just sat very quietly (which is NOT like Abby at all), and didn't cry, but her eyes did get puffy and red.

I had to take her to yet another appointment in the afternoon, and this time she did just fine. It's good to see how quickly she's learning that we're here for her forever. We can get in the car and go somewhere and still come back home; I think she knows it now.

So, that's good progress right??? Until this morning, when *silly* old me decided I HAD to get to the commissary. So I bring Cy and Abby along, not even stopping to think that I'm at an Air Force base, and, well, guess what there is right at the gate: airplanes!!!! Poor girl took one look at the planes, said : "Airplanes" - and then tears starting welling up. We just so happen to have 3 planes in front of our main gate, and that's what it took to get here from China: 3 planes. I'm sure she thought she was heading back home. I tried to tell her we were going to get food, but I could see the fear in her eyes. However, once we got inside, and she started to realize what we were doing, all was fine. It took about 10 minutes of walking around and watching me put things in the cart, and then she perked right up and started asking for stuff. When we headed to the register, she pointed at our cart with a big grin and said "BIG". I think she was having a hard time believing we were really bringing all that food home! (Wait 'til we go to Sam's Club). She did great on the ride home. The gate guard waved at her on the way out and said "Good-bye young lady" and she looked at me, confused, and said "I no Lanie". She thought he said "Goodbye Lanie". I explained to her that young lady was the same as "girl", so now she's going around referring to herself and Lanie as "young ladies". Love it!

So we're dealing with the little issues as they come up, but I'm surprised by how minor they've really been. I love that she's learning to trust us one step at a time.

The language acquisition so far has been amazing, and I have to think she knew a lot more than I suspected from school. Like today she pointed at me, and then her belly, and said "five children". I don't know where she picked up on "children". Her favorite phrases: "I eat" " I potty" "I no sleep" "sing a song".


  1. It is so great to hear how well Abby is doing. I am worried about Everest and airplanes too. Right now he seems excited to get on a plane to go on vacation but I am worried that he might actually be excited thinking we are going back to China!!!! Nope, not going to happen, poor kid is stuck with us forever!! Isn't it amazing to even begin to think about what is going on in their little heads?!?

  2. precious she is indeed! I can't even imagine what's all going in her brain, but she certainly a smart little one. Sounds like she has such a pleasant/patient personality.

  3. I just love Abby!!

    She has such a sweet heart!!!

    Poor baby....not fully understanding all those car first....

    What joy for you when she realized what was going on...and that you all there for her...forever!!!!

    Please tell her Faith, Avery, and I say 'hi' and that we also think she is an amazing 'young lady'!!!