Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beating the Heat

We're trying to stay inside as much as possible and away from the scorching heat.
So today, we took Abby to try her first real (she's an expert on the Wii) game of bowling.
She had a blast and scored a very impressive 32.
And you're trying to tell me she doesn't share my DNA????

That kind of skill can NOT be learned!
And, I won't mention what my own score was!
I held strong and DID NOT succumb to the second game the kids were begging for, because, I told them, I'm not made of money.
I just wanted a cheap afternoon out and didn't really want to end up spending $50 to do that. They moaned and groaned, and I went up to the counter to pay.
The grand total for FIVE people including shoe rentals and playing time??????
And I felt like the cheapest mother in the world.
But I promised I'd take them back VERY soon.
At those prices, I might even let the little man in on the action.
By the way, if you're wondering why there's no pictures of the boys, I'll be honest.
The girls are just so much cuter.


  1. I remember my very first score at bowling around the age of 11....21. Not much better all these something years later...looks like you had the place to yourself. And you are right the girls are soooo cute!! Grndma

  2. Oh my gracious how I can relate! We just returned from vacation at Scott AFB to visit some old friends, I took all 4 bowling on Wednesday and our total? $45!!!!!! I almost fell out of my stinky bowling shoes. We walked in at 1:15 and walked out at 2:05. $45 for one hour of entertainment. Seriously, not cool. I enjoy your prices MUCH more!! So glad you guys are settling in so well!!

  3. Sounds like a fun and ummmm, *cheap* afternoon!! :)