Saturday, July 24, 2010

Showa Memorial Park

Today we visited Showa Memorial Park, which is only about a 20 minute drive from base. We left the house with the intention of parking by on base near the gate and walking to the train station, and then taking the train a few miles down to the town of Tachikawa. However, once we left we were completely shocked by how ridiculously HOT it was outside. I think it was around 94 degrees. We decided to forego the 15 minute walk to the train station and just drive there instead. Well, on the drive there we had to go right by Showa Memorial Park, and we decided to make a pit stop to check it out. We had no idea it was so MASSIVE.

Cool little cavern area we got to meander through:

Bouncing on some giant bouncy blob thingie:

What's a 94 degree day at the park without an ice cream break (we actually took TWO ice cream breaks):

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  1. Grndma loves seeing all the pics, but where is my daughter in law? My heart misses you all so very much!!