Monday, July 12, 2010

Overdue Pics

First night in a "big boy" bed. He did SOOOOOO well!! Too well - the next morning he woke up and laid there quietly for who knows how long before someone finally checked on him. I had told him not to get up, so he didn't. I'm going to have to teach him how to read a clock at an early age!

A slanted view of the backyard. See that brown building behind it??? Yeah, it houses Starbucks. Thank you.
Living room with loaner furniture. Will show some better pictures when the way cool sofa we just ordered arrives.

Yes, I'm a slave driver. Here's Abby doing summer school, just because I'm too afraid she'll forget all the phonics we've worked so hard on for five months. Can you tell how thrilled she is about this?

Kitchen. I acually have 3 times the cabinet space here than I had at our last house.

View of downtown Fussa.

One of the gigantic stores I told you about:

Please clap for Mr. Donut:

The girls starting a new tradition on our first night in the new house. Although all of the kids have always washed their own dishes after each meal, we have decided (and by we, I mean I) that they can step that up to doing ALL of the dishes - including those used for cooking. They can just load them in the dishwasher and put away anything that was already in there. They are alternating nights - one night for the girls and one for the boys. It's freeing me up to do some laundry or give Cy his bath - and frankly, with them working together it only takes them about 10 minutes to get done. I love the look of joy on Lanie's face. Actually, it was a weird picture, but she is the one out of all the kids who is very excited about doing this.

And just in case you were left with the impression that I'm working my kids to the bone, I just spent a pretty penny today signing them up for every activity known to man. Over the next few weeks, they will be doing paintball camp, robotics camp, archery camp, soccer camp, and starting soccer season, dance and piano lessons. Not every one is doing every single one of those activities, of course, just a few each.


  1. Grandma likes your kitchen and your helpers a lot!!!

  2. Aww! Love the pix! So jealous that Cy actually stays in his bed! T is frequently up waaayyy to early!
    Love L's face doing dishes! Poor lil A is standing on her tiptoes! Give her a step stool dear! ;)
    Thank you for keeping us all updated. Love & miss you all!