Saturday, July 10, 2010

Venturing Out

Today, we did a bit of venturing out into the local town. We were forced to, really, because it was time to get a cell phone. You could get a cell phone through the provider on base, but it gets spotty service. So, off we went in search of the phone store.

First we visited the "Daiei", which is like a big W**Mart. It was fun wandering through and trying to figure out what half the things were. Lots of bags with sardine looking things, and Abby was excited to see some of her favorite products from China. They carried the little milk type things she used to drink there - they look like some kind of liquid yogurt. The kids scored some P*kemon snacks. Everything out here has P*kemon on it. They also had a Mist*r D*nut in the front lobby - they seem to have these almost everywhere. I never knew the Japanese were such big donut fans.

Then it was off to the "Seiyu", like another W**Mart or maybe a giant T*rget. Except it is like 6 stories worth of stuff. This is so close to base we could have literally walked there. We found the cell phone place nearby and hooked myself and James up with service. Nothing to fancy, just the bare necessities to keep us connected when he's out and about, or when he's babysitting for me : ) But it's his first phone and he's playing with it all day long, just like a typical 13 year old.

I have a few pics to go with this post, but I'm having trouble getting them up, so I'll add them later.
We're already planning where our first real outing will be, and were excited to have found the train station today. We can walk there and take the train into Tokyo for less than $10.

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  1. Ahhh, the first venture trip. Kinda makes it feel like you are settling in doesn't it?! So happy both for you and for the availability of donuts! A snack after my own heart!