Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 2 Pictures

Lanie is going to love her new sister.  She woke up and immediately started to make her bed!! I love it! 
We went to adoption affairs and finalized the China side of the adoption.  I asked James to take pictures of me signing the documents and he took pictures of MY HANDS signing!!
Abby also loves her noodles.  Our guide Wenxi took us to a supermarket today, and Abby was thrilled to see the noodles.  I bought a few packs and managed to prepare them by heating water in the tea kettle and pouring it and the noodles into the ice bucket.  She had to eat them with the ice tongs.  But it worked!!!!
Tomorrow..... medical exam.  I think Abby is require to get about 5 shots to get her visa.  Poor thing!

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