Friday, January 22, 2010

Art Museum

Today we were supposed to meet our guide in the hotel lobby at 9 am to go over some paperwork for the Visa appointmen on Monday (when Abby will be getting her US visa), and then she was taking us to visit the Guangzhou Folk Art Museum. Well, when we got to the lobby to meet her, we found Felix instead. Felix is a college student that is Wenxi's "apprentice". Felix said Wenxi wasn't feeling well and had gone to the hospital (it freaked us out at first, but we think he just meant to a doctor's appointment) and that he would be our guide for the day. We'd meet up with Wenxi later to take care of the paperwork. So, off we went with Felix to the Folk Art Museum.

This place was very impressive, like every art related thing here in China has been so far. They had a lot of artwork done with interesting mediums like clay, bone, and palm leaves. The architecture of the museum was as intricate and detailed as some of what we had seen in the Forbidden City.

After we were done at the museum we picked up Wenxi somewhere in the center of town, and headed back to go over the paperwork. Then it was off to walk a few blocks back to the clinic where they read Abby's TB skin test and administered two shots. I was so grateful she didn't need the five they had originally said. Apparently it depends on their age and what boosters they haven't had yet. She only needed an MMR and a Td booster. She was a trooper, too. Didn't even flinch - said she'd gotten shots at school before and never cried. God blessed us here too, because for the SECOND time this trip the fees were substantially less than what they had told me they would be.

This morning at the museum I had bought Abby a little necklace that had a pressed flower inside a clear stone. She absolutely loved it and had held it up several times throughout the day saying "Mama" - and smiling from ear to ear. At some point while we waited to travel I had asked the orphanage what Abby liked to play with and they had said "Barbies and beautiful things" and they weren't kidding. She is ALL girl and LOVES just that - pretty things!!! Well, sadly on the way back from the clinic she realized her stone had fallen off her necklace. James walked back a couple of blocks but couldn't find it. It was really cheap - about $3. But I felt really bad because she truly loved it. We'll just have to find something else pretty to replace it!!!!

This is one of the guards painted on the doors to the museum, which are said to protect everything inside.

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  1. Love, love, love the pink coat! I saw those in Guangzhou and wished I was adopting a little girl too so that she could get one. Everest got a Burberry brown plaid shirt to make up for it though!!