Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Day

Last night we did a little bonding by enjoying a favorite activity of every girly-girl out there. I did Abby's nails. She thinks she's just as pretty as can be now. I think the two young girls at our house might as well just turn their room into a beauty salon from what I'm seeing so far!!

Today was free from paperwork, and the only thing on the schedule was a trip to the Guangzhou zoo. We were impressed with how pretty it was and with the many variety of animals there. Abby really enjoyed herself and chattered away in Cantonese again. She surprised me again when we got there by shouting out "Monkey" when she saw them around the bend. Her English vocabulary is much bigger than I expected.

This morning when she signaled to me that she wanted to go eat, she said "eat" along with it, so there's another important word learned.

James and Abby are now teasing each other nonstop. I love to see the sibling bonding taking place. Yes, Jake, I think we're adding another silly one to the bunch, so you and I are going to have to form a strong front together buddy.

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  1. Sounds like all is going well! :) Loving the pictures. She is beautiful.