Sunday, January 31, 2010

We are Blessed

Overcame jetlag pretty fast this time. Everything is going so much better than I dared to dream. I feel so overjoyed to be home and to have everyone together. Abby is adjusting incredibly well - she is thrilled to be with her family, and is bubbly and laughing all day long. God answered every single one of our prayers about this adoption, and I stand in awe at His greatness and mercy. Another thing, which I don't think you really understand until you've been in this place.... so many people told me before and I didn't quite get it. You start this out because you feel a calling, because you want to help someone in need. Yet when you're on the other end, you realize you're blessed every bit as much. We feel so honored to have been selected to be Abby's family, and so very blessed to have her in our home! And amazingly, the sound of my five children running through my house, chasing each other and shouting in laughter..... it REALLY is a good sound!! I have a feeling "quiet" time as I know it is over for a while for me....... but I'll take it!!

I'll continue the blog in the months to come, although I will probably be posting less frequently. I have really enjoyed keeping in touch with everyone like this, and even getting in touch with family members we rarely have contact with. Thanks for sharing in our journey, and please continue to check in on us.

Don't miss the posts below with lots of pictures from our first couple of days home.


  1. Keep up your blog. You can turn it into a book for Abbys first year, and I found that so many people thinking of adopting an older child were encouraged by my blog.

    And it is humbling isn't it. Truly a glance of God grace first hand...we are so blessed! gald you made it back...

  2. So glad you made it home safely! Adoption really is a blessing. God has blessed our family once and in three weeks will bless us again! :)