Saturday, January 9, 2010

Almost Time

Today was a blur.
Three games of basketball, thankfully all in a row.
One trip to Wally's World for birthday cake, ice cream, and presents.
One little birthday party for a very cute now TWO year old, who grinned from ear to ear and actually blew out his candle.
An entire evening cleaning out the girls' room. (Wow - the girls' room. I like the plural).
Somewhere in there I also organized little man's closet.
And read two chapters of Anne of Green Gables with a certain eight year old. Hoping to get done before I leave, but with 99 pages to go it's not looking so good.
Sadly, no time for Killer Bunnies or Settlers of Catan today. Maybe tomorrow. In between church, picking up Grandma from the airport, and shopping for last minute things for the trip.
I guess I'll just sleep on the plane.


  1. Sounds like you've been rather busy! LOL Won't be long now!