Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year!!!!

We had an incredibly blessed New Year's Eve, just hanging out with my mom and dad who are here visiting. It was the very peaceful holiday we needed right now. It was nice to spend some time reflecting on our blessings of the past year and looking forward to what lies ahead.... I can not even properly express how undeserving I feel to have the life I have, filled with the amazing people that surround me (whether they're physically close to me or not), my incredible husband and absolutely sweet kids, and most importantly the privilege of walking closely with my Savior each day.

Today, I started the New Year off with a bit of shopping for my trip. OK, I actually started with homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which are probably NOT the best way to start off a year. But I shopped for the rest of the day, and that burns calories, right??I got a few odds and ends I needed, and then found a crazy deal at Children's Place - jeans for $4.99. So I stocked up for the boys, 'cause they're growing like weeds and I can't seem to keep them in things that actually fit. Had nothing to do with the trip, but it was a deal and I couldn't pass it up. We also found the Christmas PJs I had bought for the kids had gotten marked down to $4.99 as well, so we bought a pair for Abby. Now she can match all her siblings when she gets here.

I think I have most of what I need; I just need a carrying case for my laptop and some thermal underwear.

I was very excited to find out this week that my coffee needs in China will be met, because I don't think I could make it without......... Seriously.

We should get our in-country itinerary early next week...... Can't wait to have all the details!!!!

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  1. Excited to follow along on your amazing journey! Hope your last minute planning and packing are going well too. :)