Thursday, May 20, 2010

12 Days

We are a little excited here this morning, because we found out I had made a mistake.

Big news, I know. Mistake?? Me??? Who would've guessed?

Well, I miscounted the days of school we had left.

I thought it was 18. It is actually 12.

What a happy mistake.

Looks like our last day of school will be June 4.

Did I mention the movers will start packing us out on June 1??

THAT will be interesting!


  1. Sometimes mistakes can be a good thing!!!
    We will pray now for great weather for that
    week, good thing your kids love to do school any
    where! I so miss seeing all your smiling faces, but I sure enjoy having our Friday's once again!

  2. Oh gracious! You go girl! We are stationed with a few people right now who just moved from where you are headed and they loved, loved, loved it! Praying for a great move for ya!