Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vacation Pics Part 2

We were very excited to take Abby on her first trip to the beach, but even more so to give her the opportunity to meet some of the family memebers she had not yet met. I am very grateful for how she was taken in with open arms and shown so much love. She absolutely thrived in the loving arms of family. At the same time, everyone was careful that Lanie was getting plenty of attention and did not feel left out. Things couldn't have gone better if I had written a script, and it made me so happy to be reminded of how incredibly blessed we are to have such a great family.

The beach was beautiful, the weather perfect - we couldn't have asked for more. Abby loved digging in the sand. Although she liked the water, the waves were a bit too much for her most days and she did not want to spend too much time in there. She LOVED the pool and spent most of our day on the beach asking when we could go to the pool. We told her at Y*kota we'll have three swimming pools on base and she was very excited. The highlight of the week was probably seeing dolphins swimming pretty close to shore.

As I suspected, she did a great job eating all week and it was a non-issue. I had already explained that she would not be able to play until she had done a decent job at each meal, and the kid ate things that she won't touch at home. Too bad I don't have an ocean outside of my front door to entice her with. On what she thought was the last night of vacation, I saw the first hints of regression to her habits around the house.

The fun part was that, unbeknownst to the kids, we were not coming home when they thought. The next morning they woke up expecting to drive a LONG way home and start school on Monday. Instead, we told them we'd take a short drive to Disney. The boys were like "yeah, right. Real funny." It took the girls a minute to even understand what we were saying. When they saw we were serious, the boys said "So we're really doing a day at Disney?" And we got to say "No, more like five days". And then I don't remember exactly what happened because there were too many squeals around me. We did get it on video, though, and will post it soon.

We had an amazing week, and again were blessed with perfect weather and healthy kids - always our two main worries when traveling. The look on Abby's face when she got to see the princesses face to face was absolutely priceless. I actually got teary eyed when she met Snow White, because that is her very favorite princess and her smile could not get any bigger. I think meeting Snow White was even more thrilling than meeting ME was. All our little girls dream about meeting the Disney princesses, but I don't think in Abby's head could even wrap around the fact that it was a possibility. She had seen pictures of our last trip, but I don't think she really believed SHE would get to do that. The Wishes fireworks just filled her with awe, and watching Tinkerbell fly overhead made her giggle for what seemed like forever. It was very exciting to see everything through her eyes.

Cy also had a great time on both parts of the trip. At the beach, he preferred sitting down and snacking (who would've guessed) to playing on the sand - and he didn't really want anything to do with swimming. He did like playing with the little water faucet they had on the dock so people could wash the sand off when coming back up from the beach. He would've spent the entire week there if I'd let him. He enjoyed all the extra attention he was getting, and actually did some playing with his little cousin this time around. Oh - he HATED the elevator at the resort. He called it "alligator", and everytime we were going somewhere he would say "Not riding the alligator, mama". Totally cracked me up.

Disney was more his style. He liked riding around in the stroller and taking in all the sights. Of course, every time we let him out of the stroller, guess where he ran???? Straight to the TRASH CANS - to push on the doors. The kid has some serious problems. And every time we walked past the bathroom he would point and yell "That's the bathroom!!" Don't understand why someone who doesn't want to USE the bathroom insists on pointing out every one he ever sees. The cutest thing was, he woke up every morning that week saying "I want to go to Disney".

Abby did a great job eating at Disney, too. But now that we're home, she's back to her usual routine of "I don't want ANYTHING - no matter what it is". I can make things that I've seen her gobble up before, make Chinese food, lo mein, ANYTHING - she doesn't want it. She eats it. Under protest. Eventually. But it takes a really.long.time. Maybe if I hired Snow White to be a permanent waitress at our house?????

Anyways, I feel incredibly blessed by the two weeks we just had, and don't ever want to take times like that for granted. It is so precious to have time together as a family to just laugh, have fun, and relax together. I know that God watched over every little aspect of these trips, He made them possible, and He made them go off without a hitch. And now we have another heaping measure of fun family memories to make us smile. Which will hopefully get us through the next few weeks of craziness ahead.

We have 5 weeks of school to finish. And the movers will start packing us out in 3 weeks. So I guess we'll be doing school in the backyard while they do all the heavy work inside.

In 52 days we'll be on a plane to Japan.

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