Friday, May 14, 2010

Say What????

Abby has been making incredible progress with her English. Those who meet her for the first time can hardly believe she's only been here for less than four months. We don't always correct everything she tries to say, because, well, it would just be constant and we thin it must be aggravating to have someone constantly in your face telling you how to say something right. So we correct here and there, but a lot of times we let it go and let her figure stuff out.

It's cute, too, because we're at that point where we can't discuss things in front of her that we don't want her to understand, because she GETS it. Kind of like when you hit that point with your kids when you can't spell things out in front of them anymore. So sad.

But I digress.....
She is learning a mile a minute, and I hope it continues, because we've noticed a little side effect of having a language learner in the house that we didn't anticipate.
Little man's English is, well, regressing. He's starting to speak like his new sister.
Yesterday, when we were leaving the house, he turned to me and said "Mama, we go what?"
It took me a minute to realize who had said this to me.

I guess we had better stay on top of the correcting.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how quickly kids can pick up a new language!!
    We have the same problem in our household...
    Shea likes to 'talk like Avery'....I think she wants the attention her little sis receives....because you are right, it is so darn cute....and, Shea doesn't want to miss out on any 'cuteness'! ;)