Tuesday, May 18, 2010

They ARE learning!!

Not that I really needed the tangible proof, but it DOES feel good!

We're on our 6th year of homeschooling, and although we move around quite a bit, we haven't yet lived in a state that required achievement testing for my kids. We decided to go ahead and have James test this year, just to give him some practive and get him used to standardized tests. I figured it wouldn't hurt to get a feel for where we stood, considering he has a giant test of that type standing between him and COLLEGE.

Just got the results back in the mail, and I opened the envelope with shaky hands. What a thrill to see that his composite score was higher than 93% of other 8th graders nation wide!!!!!!!!!!!
He had several areas where he scored higher than 99% of kids - WOW!
And even in his lowest scoring area (which was NO surprise to us - spelling), he fell right within the "average".

I suggested we should just quit school now for the rest of the year, since I don't think the next four weeks we're trying to cram in will really make a difference. I mean, I feel WAY ahead now. Unfortunately, the principal quickly nixed THAT idea. Oh well. At least we are inspired now. Fuel for the fight.

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  1. Yeah!!! Congratulations...sounds like you have a 'smarty-pants' on your hands!!!