Sunday, March 7, 2010

Abby - isms

This will be kind of random, but I just wanted to jot down a few cute things Abby's been saying / doing lately, more as a journal to myself because I'm afraid I'll forget them.

  • She calls Josiah "Josih" - no "a" sound
  • When she tries to say "very, very", it comes out "merry merry"
  • She shares a huge dislike for mac-n-cheese with Josiah. And here I thought every kid LOVED mac-n-cheese.
  • Today she got the hiccups, and she asked me "Mama, why today I - (hiccup sound)??"
  • One day while going through some schoolbooks we realized she didn't know caterpillars turned into butterflies. So what's a good homeschool mom to do??? Order a bunch of caterpillars from Ins*ct L*re, of course - and watch their metamorphosis right before our very eyes. I'll post pics later.
  • Last week she let me know "Mama, I no love school. I love play". Join the club, sweetie!!
  • I found the key to get her through her breakfast in a reasonable amount of time when we have to get somewhere. I tell her that if she eats too slow, she won't have time to do her hair. Perfect incentive for a "girly" girl. She absolutely freaks out. And breakfast gets finished. In.record.time.
  • Her baby doll is now "Baby Jesus"
  • She rode a bike for the very first time today.
  • I already can't picture life without her (or BEFORE her).

More to come!!!!


  1. I am so excited you are moving to Japan! Wow! What an experience. I have always wanted to go there. I studied the language in college but pretty much forgot everything. Send me an e-mail - I want to hear all about it.

  2. Too cute and too sweet!!!!

    I love the hair incentive....hmmmm, might have to use that one on my girls!!!