Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Future Home

I know everyone I personally know is very aware of this, but some of you that just visit me here might not know. I wanted to wait until we had official orders to announce it. And now we do. I guess Asia didn't get enough of us this year. And to the chagrin of a couple of grandmas out there, we will be moving to Japan at the end of June. I'm already planning the Heritage Tour of China we'll take Abby on before we move stateside again.
And yes, we're very excited. It's not only a fantastic opportunity for DH on the job front, but we think it'll be invaluable for the kids.

1 comment:

  1. I am in awe of this amazing opportunity for your family!!!

    Like I said when we were in China together, your family is so fortunate to be able to live in Japan. I think it is so cool!!!

    Can't wait to follow you (via blogging, of
    course)as you make this move and then as you are living in Japan!!!!