Monday, March 22, 2010

Small Victories

Getting little Abby to eat good well rounded meals the last few weeks has been an uphill battle. I've tried every creative thing I could think of, but was getting pretty worn out. However, she is now weighing 3.5 lbs more than she was at her check up in China!!!! YAYYYY she IS growing! I'm sure getting over her car sickness (or nerves, or whatever it was) and the weekly six pack of PediaSure is helping quite a bit.

It feels great to see progress in that area. What a great start to the week!!! And, she's only been sitting at the table for 37 minutes now and she's almost done with her one scrambled egg - and I suspect the strip of bacon won't take too long to get through. Even for her, it's hard to eat bacon slowly : )

In other news, we had a wonderful visit yesterday with old friends who had been very rude last year and moved AWAY from us. I didn't think I'd ever forgive them, but I can't resist it every time they call me up and say they're coming for a visit. Abby had a great time joining the rest of the kids in their usual movie making antics. She sure got a kick out of being cast for a part in the movie, and then watching herself on the computer screen. I think I'll have to get her involved in some kind of drama classes. Her smile WOULD light up a stage : )

I have a great picture of all the kids together last night, but that will have to wait until later.

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